After founding “Studija A+A” – the first professional voice over recording studio in Lithuania in year 1991 we specialize in voice over production and sound post-production for TV, radio, internet advertisements and audiovisual productions. We provide services great in quality, speed and without unnecessary expenses not only because we have professional and experienced staff but because over the years we handpicked our tools we now trust and are comfortable working with. By combining world standard software and hardware equipment with “think out of the box” solutions and mobility we are able to achieve sound excellence at high pace in everything we produce.

The Microphone

All voice over talents are recorded using industry standard Sennheiser MKH-416 P48 microphone just to be sure our clients and partners in Baltic States, Poland, Germany, UK and other countries are familiar with the tone.

AD Conversion and Processing

Audio signal is then converted to digital data using RME Babyface PRO – a small, mobile, but powerful audio interface of exceptional quality, connected to Apple MacBook Pro. Yes, we use the most powerful laptop in the field as our main mobile workstation, because you never know what, where and when you’ll need to record and finalize ASAP.

Sound Editing, Restoration and Mixing

Apple MacBook Pro’s i7 CPU sends audio data to Cockos Reaper 6 – the most flexible, powerful and innovative DAW in the industry. With additional help of carefully picked plug-ins made by iZotope, DMG Audio, Voxengo, PSP Audioware, Native Instruments, Melda Production, 2cAudio, Sonimus, HoRNet, zPlane the perfect dynamic and tonal balance between all the elements (voice over, music, sound effects etc.) of a sound mix in an advertisement is achieved. Most complicated cases like audio restoration and repair is handled by iZotope’s RX 5 Audio Editor, the source of unearthly magic in hands of a professional sound engineer.

Mastering and Loudness Compliance

After all tracks are edited and mixed properly, mastering is needed to finalize the tracks and reach approximate loudness and peak readings stated in TV channels’ specs. Although most Western European countries are accepting the EBU R128 recommendations, it is common in Lithuania and Baltic states to require sound files delivered complying to obsolete or misleading specifications; and each TV channel has it’s own version. However specs is something you must comply with if you don’t want your material rejected or removed from airing. In order to save our client’s and our time, money and nerve cells while wanting to be sure our productions are always 100% spec compliant, we use dedicated software that automatically adjusts and batch processes final files to several different specs if needed. This way we can use time that otherwise would be wasted on “trial and error” to start working on a new project.


To monitor all the before mentioned processes we use a pair of Tannoy Reveal 402 studio monitors and a pair of AKG K712 Pro headphones calibrated by Sonarworks.